Wood Chip Mulch Melbourne

Wood Chips Mulch Melbourne

There are numerous materials you can use for mulch in the garden, ranging from tree bark through to stones and even synthetic products. Another material that’s highly popular for use as mulch is wood chip. However, it’s important to use the right wood chips, as some trees that are cut down and chipped up can have a negative effect on the acidity of soil. Fortunately, the Melbourne mulching specialists at MulchXpress can help you determine the right wood chips to use as mulch in your garden. If you’re searching online for “wood chips mulch near me”, make MulchXpress your first point of contact.

The Benefits of Using Wood Chips for Mulch

Once you’ve determined which wood chips are the best for your type of soil, your garden can reap the benefits. Among those benefits are:

  • Retention of moisture – Covering the surface with at least 75mm of wood chip mulch slows down the evaporation of moisture from the soil beneath it
  • Regulation of temperature – Using wood chips for mulch helps to keep the soil significantly cooler
  • Controlling the growth of weeds – Weeds have a harder time breaking through a layer of wood chips, thus reducing their ability to grow

When you’re looking for wood chips mulch near Melbourne, don’t look past the specialists at MulchXpress. Call us today on 1300 685 249, fill out our online contact form, or email sales@mulchxpress.com.au.

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